A Guitarist's guide to chord construction. volume 1: Root-position voicings 


The first volume incorporates both creative and practical approaches to the construction of chords on the guitar. Guitarists of all levels and styles can benefit from this guide. The book is entirely self-contained in that all of the necessary music theory is presented in the first chapter of the book. (265 pages)

Root-position voicings from triads (i.e. three-note chords) up to six-note chords are covered. Every chord family is represented as well as all of the basic embellishments and alterations. A comprehensive appendix contains completed examples and five well-known progressions found in pop, rock, blues, country, jazz, folk, and classical styles.

Guitar Chord Construction - Front Cover

Dr. Greenberg's approach encourages the player to explore and experiment. He explains, "While these guides to chord construction are structured, they leave room for the player to discover each chord voicing. To help players see and hear the connection behind the various chord types and voicings is the ultimate aim. In establishing such connections, the player can transcend the reliance on memorizing chord shapes."