A Guitarist's guide to chord construction. volume 2: Inversions 


Volume 2 builds upon Volume 1 (Root-Position Voicings) and extends its scope by focusing on the construction of chord inversions. Guitarists of all levels and styles can benefit from this guide; however, Dr. Greenberg recommends that the player knows how to construct root-position chord voicings before moving into inversions. (377 pages)

This second volume focuses on all inversions ranging from triads (i.e. three-note chords) up to six-note chords are covered. Each chord family and its respective embellishments and alterations are presented. A comprehensive appendix contains completed examples and five well-known progressions (different than those appearing in Volume 1) found in pop, rock, blues, country, jazz, folk, and classical styles.

Guitar Chord Construction - Volume 2: Inversions