a Biography about The Legendary Guitarist Billy Bean

Billy Bean: the life and music of a jazz guitar legend

Midoriyama Publishing's first publication is a biography about legendary jazz guitarist Billy Bean. Written by Dr. Seth Greenberg, over 10 years of comprehensive research went into writing Billy Bean: The Life and Music of a Jazz Guitar Legend.

Two editions are available: the two-volume unabridged (512 pages) and single-volume abridged (187 pages). The first volume of the unabridged edition presents all of the biographical information, about the guitarist. The second volume contains  facsimiles of lessons Bean took from jazz-guru Dennis Sandole. Among these lessons are Bean's original compositions, arrangements, and transcriptions; each facsimile has a corresponding transcription to bring clarity to the autograph manuscripts. (Additional analyses of the manuscripts are contained within the first volume.) 

The abridged edition is intended for those who want the biography but prefer to do without the catalog of Bean's autograph manuscripts and musical analyses.

eBook versions of the abridged edition are available in both MOBI (Kindle) and EPUB (Nook, Sony, iBook, et al.) formats. (For the time being, the unabridged edition is only available as a hardcopy.)

Click here to listen to Dr. Greenberg's performance of 15 written solos that appear in Billy Bean's lesson book. 

Read the review in Just Jazz Guitar Magazine.
"For me, Billy had everything...a lot of the technical players I didn't admire so much, but Billy had great chops and great ideas."    -Jim Hall
"The book is great! It is fantastic you are getting it out there... He was the most advanced and fresh-sounding bebop-oriented player ever."     -Pat Metheny
"A well-crafted, fascinating read. I couldn't put it down."     -Jimmy Bruno
"[A] meticulously compiled book... Dr. Greenberg has done a wonderful job." -Ian Macgregor (Jazz Guitar Society of Western Australia)
"An important work about an important player."                      -Barry Wahrhaftig (Just Jazz Guitar)
"This is not only another biography of a jazz musician-It's a real treasure!!"                    -Clément Trimouille